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Recorded between 11/2003 and 11/2005. Songs written LONG before 2005. Man, does time fly ...

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The Breakup Song
Worcester Square
Shadow of a Dead Rose
Subtle Change
Blame it on the Moon

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released November 14, 2005

Mastered by Brian Lucey of Magic Garden Mastering



all rights reserved


Kevin White

After a stint in Special Ops, working covertly in the world's most dangerous hot spots, a chance meeting with a Zulu medicine man launched an interest in music.

For the healing power of song, as evidenced by Coca Cola's "We'd like to teach the world to sing", followed up by Pepsi's "The world sings out of tune", is instrumental-not in a literal sense, but a musical one; literally. Please enjoy.
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Track Name: Real Life
Little child with eyes so blue
If you could see the dreams
I hold for you
Just for you

Be it by fate or your own hands
If I could shape the mortal sands
They’d be kind
Kind to you

We may aspire to higher things
Like Shakespeare’s scripts and angel’s wings
But real life plucks the strings
and calls the tune.

Plodding through our course in life
Trying hard to harmonize
The Oxen and the Pearl

Monday morning’s early train
Monday night I’m home again
By nine.
But that’s real life.

And the then bills arrive in Tuesdays mail
and throw that mess into the diaper pail
But that’s real life
Track Name: Overtime
The more I work
The more I get behind
So I’m putting in

When I get home
It takes a day to unwind
It’s like suicide

Just a little at a time

All day long an long into the night
I’m growing awfully tired
of overtime
I work so hard
I feel my flesh on my bones
And when I think I’m done

They demand some more

It’s like running under water
Unable to move faster
Where the things float by
Much to quickly to grab them

Some day I’d like
To slow the pace down
Relax, take a breath
And just look around
Enjoy the fresh air
Without a worry or care
And I know it’s in reach

And I want it so bad that I can taste it

Well you might call me a fighter
Or you might call me a loser
But as I see the facts they only tell me

That the more I work
the more I get behind
Track Name: Shadow of a Dead Rose
I found some photos I'd put away--
the other day,
It seems a thousand years ago now

I laid them out on the floor to view
I thought of you
And the things you'd said about me

I saw it there in the photograph
A second glance
Showed deception that had once grown

In the shadow of a dead rose

So now it's painfully clear to me
How did I miss
Those not-so-subtle innuendoes?

I saw it all in the photograph
And now I laugh
Although it's really not that funny

How a person can be deceived
I couldn't believe
But sometimes that's how things go

In the shadow of a dead rose

I couldn't stop the rain from pouring down
That naive teenage boy
How hard he tried
But it was you the whole time

I only saw what I wanted to
I trusted you
But it makes a lot more sense to me now

The story line had a foregone end
You said you were just friends,
C'mon, I'm really not that stupid

The evidence is the photograph
I'm free at last
From the guilt I felt I once owned

And from the shadow of a dead rose
Track Name: Worcester Square
All alone on a wooden bench
October leaves raining down
The Autumn air numbs my fingertips
Wild colored patterns surround me

My misty breath creates swirling lines
Which fade into the air
All alone on this wooden bench

In Worcester Square

I’m going to take a walk around the park
Down the cracked sidewalk paths
But my legs get stiff, so my walk is sore
And I have to sit down again

The steam rolls out from a hot dog stand
Artists display their wares
Watching life from my wooden seat

In Worcester Square

The statue of the general frowns down on me
I have got no sword to hold up high
No sword to touch the sky

Time to leave from my wood seat
The end of daylight draws near
Just another day ending there

In Worcester Square
Track Name: Like You Do
Walking through the rain of my life
My coat pulled over my head
You cut me deep as a knife
Wishing you away

Cause the sun burns bright in the sky
The moon, it triggers the tide
Strong winds may blow me aside
But not away from you


Cause no one moves me like you do

I don't care what anyone says
I don't care what anyone does
I don't care about anyone else


We're in denial, so we don't talk about it
That's not our way
Deep denial, so we don't talk about it

There nothing much to say...

Cause no one moves me like you do
Track Name: If You Please
If you please
I'm going to say the words again
So you will know...

I never want to be:
That "someone" you once knew
From a long, long time ago

For when you finally
Understand it all
That this was meant to be
Just like the writing on the wall

So if you please
Can you tell me if I'm lost?
Or am I finally found?

I never meant to seem
Like I had never "been around"
I'm telling you
I've "been around"

So when you finally
Understand it all
It was always meant to be
It is the writing on the wall

So if you please
Would you be my lady?
I've been waiting so long
Be my lover ... and
Won't you marry me?

If you please
Track Name: Everything I Need
You’re all I want
Your smile’s so warm
It changes my weather

You’re all I want
And all I need
You know
You’re everything to me
Can’t you see?

That I am you
You are me
You are...

Everything I need

You’re all I am
And everything I’d hoped for
You’re in the air I breath
And you’re the ground I walk on

You’re all I want
And all I need
You know
You’re everything to me
Oh can’t you see?

That I am you
And you are me
You are...

Everything I need
Track Name: Blame it on the Moon
Sentimental Strangers
Strangely meeting
And for a fleeting moment
I was captured
and caught Up in strange magic

'Cause I’ve been alone for so long
That I don’t trust these feelings
I can’t fall in love that easy
It runs against my nature

And so I’ll blame it on the moon

I’ve never traveled to the other side
Although I’ve wondered
If it might be nice
It’s always been to soon

So I think... I’ll blame this on the moon

You’re here,
from my dreams
And I just can’t believe
Cause I know that it’s not easy
To let all your defenses down

When something comes from nothing
I’m apprehensive
Unless there’s something I can hold on to
Something I can count on...

‘Til then, I’ll blame it on the moon
Track Name: Subtle Change
The first few years...
Are the hardest times
It's "Hey buddy. Can you spare a dime?"...
...and... "I could pack and leave, any time now".

But I realize that we have to "put out"
Time just isn't found
It's even loving, when it's not allowed
I sometimes get quite tired of you around

But I realize that there are some things that you can't change( )

Yet I keep looking for some sort of...
Subtle Change
I keep waiting for some sign of change
In the weather
Is it getting better?

You can't explain it
This isn't what you wanted
and you keep telling me you're not the sort
But I have seen enough of it around

To recognize when things get wet in rain

And I keep hoping for a sort of...
Subtle change
I keep waiting for some sign of change
In the weather
Is it getting better?
Track Name: Feeling Low
Well we were smack
in the middle of it
We were way down south
We thought we'd found it

Oh-oh I’m feeling low

We were downtown
and oh, we found it
We were way downtown
We got surrounded

Oh-oh I’m feeling low

I can’t stand the pain
I always thought
that I’d never feel a thing

I never knew..
I never guessed
How helpless I would be

Without you.

But we were smack
in the middle of it
We were way downtown,
We thought we'd found it

Oh-oh I’m feeling low.
Track Name: Without
Where would we be
without love?

No simple game
You either win or lose

When we're together
Our hearts become confused

I don't know why love
Is this fickle thing
And I don't know why fate
Isn't stepping in

But beware of hearts that change
They might not feel quite
The same way

So will we push on
Without love?

Blindly stumbling
Mumbling to ourselves

Out of reach hearts
Beyond help, slip from our grasp

There are many reasons
To try and try again
But if the light goes out o'er nothing

You know
It only marks an end

So will we go on
Without love?
Never knowing?
Always wondering why?

I love you madly
Unfold your wings.
Let's fly...
Track Name: The Breakup Song
Explicit Lyrics - includes profanity.

You've been warned.
Track Name: You Monkeys
Hear Evil
You Monkeys

Speak Evil
You Monkeys

See Evil
You Monkeys