"New & Improved​!​"

by Kevin White

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This is probably the most individual album I've made to date, meaning that on most of the tracks, I perform pretty much everything.

It wasn't intended to end up that way, but I sort of just putzed around working on various projects until I realized that I'd assembled a full album of material that I'd mostly created by myself.

Of course, no man is an island, and inevitably others added their incredible talents ... but this is probably as close to a solo album as I'm ever going to get.

I hope you enjoy it.


released April 1, 2013

The warmest of heartfelt thanks go out to:

Wayne Glaser: Bass guitar on "When I Arrived"

Chris Harwood: Electric Guitar, Drum programming and Synths on "Look"

Stuart Gort: Lead Guitar on "The Ride"

Bryan White: Acoustic Guitar and Banjo on "Pretending"

Clay Gibson: Bass Guitar on "For Forever More"

Frank Basile: Drums on "For Forever More"

Mastered by Bill Roberts of Audio Mastering.



all rights reserved


Kevin White

After a stint in Special Ops, working covertly in the world's most dangerous hot spots, a chance meeting with a Zulu medicine man launched an interest in music.

For the healing power of song, as evidenced by Coca Cola's "We'd like to teach the world to sing", followed up by Pepsi's "The world sings out of tune", is instrumental-not in a literal sense, but a musical one; literally. Please enjoy.
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Track Name: 01 When I Arrived
When I arrived
I found I'd gone nowhere
My baggage got lost somewhere on the way

It was a lousy day
Everything not going my way
And yet I had to smile

Because every day is beautiful, you know?
When you've got your peace of mind?

You really have arrived

I traveled so far
And wound up going nowhere
A smile on my face
After running in place
It's just another day
Every day’s really quite okay

No need to worry
Where’s that smile?

Because every day is beautiful, you know?
When you’ve got your peace of mind?

You really have arrived

Yet once in a while I feel it.
I feel it too much.
I get so out of touch with what is right and good and fine.

… and so I need to realign.

Hey it’s a sunny day.
Why would you get in your own way?
When you can wear a wise man's smile?
Because every day is beautiful, you know?

When you've got your peace of mind?

You really have arrived.

I'll lay it on the line ...
There's nothing more you'll find.

You've got your peace of mind?

You really have arrived.
Track Name: 02 Lock and Key
Well I don't know what to tell you
Maybe I ... I just haven't thought it out
I have never had a knack for this
... and paid hell for it

But sometimes, I just can't express my feelings
So I've gotten pretty good at mincing words
But it's all locked up inside of me

Under Lock & Key

(Don't fear ... don't fear dear you can talk to me)

But at time it often happens
I'm made aware of my disguise
And so I have to hide things secretly

Under Lock and Key

Don't ...
Track Name: 03 Look
People are everywhere
And everywhere they are
Moving in circle patterns
Never straying far
People who don’t ever look won’t see
You don’t have stay where you don’t have to be
You see?

You’re who you think you are

People are everywhere
Yet never where they are
Chasing illusive shadows
Doesn’t mean you must go far
People who don’t ever look won’t see
You don’t have stay where you don’t have to be
You see?

You’re who you think you are
Track Name: 04 Anonymous Trolls
I can remember a time there was relative peace, and
quiet and calm ..
Now torn pieces lay shattered, and tattered and battered by the
Anonymous trolls
No one knows really why
They attack like they do
No matter how dumb it may seem
For a troll demands pay
If you want to cross over the bridge
They're fuckin' banana's
It really quite sad
Just how bad they all misbehave
But since they've no music
They spew their abuses
No matter how lame
No one knows who they are
There's a reason they hide
No matter how dumb it may be
The troll wants its pay
If you want to cross over the bridge
Well one's gotta wonder what makes a troll tick,
But you know ...
Something's horribly wrong ...
In the dark of their minds, there's spark of a light
But nobody's home
Yeah, they can say what they want
No one knows who they are
Or why they must be so damn mean
It's a rough traveled road
Best just to bypass troll bridge ...
Track Name: 05 Pity
Could have worked the whole thing out
Oh … there was never any doubt

It was there then it was not
Isn't it a pity now?

Isn't it a pity

Should have guessed the deck was stacked
Now there's no hope of turning back

In the dark it gets so black
And isn't it a pity now

Isn't it a pity

If we understood our hearts can cry
and we all boil down to fools

Tell me now
What's a man supposed to do?
When no one stands by you

Sometimes things just don't work out
Thereby forcing us make do without

That's what life's sometimes about
And isn't it a pity now

Isn't it a pity?
Yeah, Isn't it a pity?

Yeah, isn't it?
Track Name: 06 Gone
I ... I had this dream
And it seemed more than it seems
So runs the path of dreams

And now ...
That dream is gone
Like a mist in early morn
And I wonder what went wrong

Don't you leave me
Don't you leave me
You walk out that door?

And when you're gone?
You're gone

Try … it’s just a word
… and the first thing that you heard
You’ve got to always try
Although my heart
It hurts so much
I can close it when I want
To protect what’s left inside
Track Name: 07 The Ride
Out on the shore
The windswept waves roll across the water
And in the background sound of gulls

As passerby passes time
In quiet

The sidewalk hums
As the city goes about its own routine
While in the shadow of an alley light

A passerby watches life,
Alive in disquiet

Up in the sky
Nature goes about its own routine
And I'm a tiny part of everything

Just a passerby ... passing time

... and floating on its tide
Just floating on time's tide

Floating on

... the ride
Track Name: 08 Pretending
I have studied all the love scenes in the movies
Watched for all the hints and clues to show me
But after all ...
They're just pretending.
Your eyes speak to me
They tell me that you love me
They dream of all the things that our life could be
But you could still be just pretending
I have this sleeve
I've worn my heart on more than once before
I want to believe
Bitten once, now I just can't be sure
You talk to all your friends
You tell them all about me
You take the silly love tests in the magazines
I think you think I'm just pretending
Better to have loved and lost, than
Never to have loved at all, they say ...
Pain is the cost of love
You have to take that leap of faith some day.
We will
Have to take our time
To find out whether
We will fall apart
Or grow together
And then we'll know we're not pretending
And then we'll know we've got the real thing
And then we'll know we've got the real thing
And after all, It's not pretending
Track Name: 09 For Forever More
Hey.... have I
Met you before?
I'd quite remember that
... I'm sure

If not then please
Let me allow
Call me Mr. Right here and now

When our eyes locked, I heard the angels sing
and got this urge to shop for wedding rings
Let's say we fall in love tonight
For forever more

Hey now don't sit and laugh
I'm really serious
Oh yes I am

This is true love, love at first sight
You can trust me now
Cause I'm Mr. Right

It's all your fault, I couldn't help myself
I saw you and heard the wedding bells
Let's say we fall in love tonight
Oh, for forever more

Do you remember me?
Wait, I met you in my dreams ...
Your eyes have touched my soul
My heart is racing
It's lost control

Well you may fall
Fall from a tree
But the best way to fall
Is in love w/ me

So screw me
If I am wrong
But really haven't we
Both met before?

When we look back with love and tenderness
We won't forget the dream where we first met
Let's say we fall in love tonight
Say, For forever more

Forever more

Uh huh...

Forever more